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Personal Skills.

Entertainer Singer Lewis Cedar has travelled to twenty countries, for over forty years, to perform. He has done shows, of many kinds, he has made records, and performed on radio and television. For many years he performed 'Drama and Personal Development Works Shops' for students and teachers and others.

Successful actors often observe people. They note behaviour to imitate it in their performances.

Lewis has spent many years learning about the things that people do. He incorporates this knowledge into his performances and provides courses for individuals and groups of people wishing to learn more of themselves and to better understand other people.

Lewis has a wealth of information and many programmes which can improve interpersonal skills and help people feel even better about themselves. Programmes to improve cohesion within teams of workers in industry, education, government and businesses large or small.

Lewis has a friendly entertaining style. He helps people to remember that which they 'know' or (may be) 'should' already know. He reminds them to use their knowledge and helps them to discover new, and fresh, information which they can turn to their own benefit and use to improve the organisations, and social networks, within which they live and work.

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