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02_Entertainments created from popular songs for Senior Citizens. Active Retirement Organisations, Day Centres, Sheltered Housing, Assisted Housing, Residential Homes, Nursing Homes.

Entertainments for senior citizens provides a fascinating range of work for Lewis. Doing performances in venues where some are younger and others older than himself. Ages from fifty five and, on two occasions he has performed for two, different, ladies of One Hundred and Eleven Years !

Entertainments made from popular songs with guitar, tracks and a screen on which lyrics, pictures and videos are displayed with stories, sing a long and dancing.

Lewis understands and adapts to the ability of each audience. He accounts for physical mobility and mental agility. He is very much aware that a group of people from an 'Active Retirement Association' is different from a group in a nursing home for those living with Dementia. Lewis adapts his performances to engage those who are in attendance.

The repertoire is ever growing and changing remembering the old and expanding into the new. Fast Songs, Slow Songs, Old Songs and New Songs

Available three hundred and sixty five and a quarter days each year.

Reasonable fees, discounted for morning shows, regular shows and for dates chosen by Lewis.

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