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Weddings...the most wonderful of events.

One of the most stressful events.

One of the most expensive of events.

If you are planning your wedding and drawing up a list of guests
it will probably include the name of your relations, and friends
and there might well be an age range of prospective guests
of may be a month or so to ninety or more.

So 'What are you going to do' ?

Do you want some live music during the ceremony ?

Do you want some live music during the wedding meal ?

Do you want some entertainments before or after the speeches ?

Do you want some music for dancing ?

Will book a band and/or a disco ?

Do you need to hire someone as a compere to join the whole thing together ?

Lewis has been entertaining professionally since the beginning of
nineteen seventy four.
He has a huge repertoire of songs and entertainments available
with items to engage all ages
(may be not the month old baby).

He can offer live music during the ceremony.

He can compère

He can provide live background music during the wedding meal.

He can provide a cabaret entertainment before or after the speaches.

He can provide music for dancing.

He can provide music for disco.

He can provide karaoke.

Lewis has all the equipment

and is willing to tailor a complete programme,

or any item listed,

to your wishes

and help to make your wedding day

the most special day possible.

His fees may be much easier than some others on offer.

Check them out and then talk with Lewis.

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