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01_Entertainments created from popular songs for Theatres, Public Houses, Restaurants. 


Lewis has been a professional entertainer since 1974. He has sung in many Public Houses and Restaurants. He has done shows in Theatres and on Radio and on Television. No matter how many shows he has done never once has he taken an audience for granted each show is unique, and each show is special. Lewis is a good guitarist and a good singer but most of all he is a great entertainer.

Fast songs, slow songs, long ago songs, songs of today.

Lewis is available for one off bookings and is always happy to engage in long term bookings six times, twelve times or even fifty two times a year.

The repertoire is ever growing and changing remembering the old and expanding into the new.

Available three hundred and sixty five and a quarter days each year.

Lewis uses a mixture of Guitar and Tracks. He has a screen on which he projects the lyrics of songs, pictures and videos to make the show more interesting than an 'average' show.

Never underestimate the power of a good sing a long.

Fees are agreed upon discussion Lewis understands that Publicans and Restaurant Owners are in business to make a living. Shows of One-Two-Three or more hours.

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